La France, Luxe, Charme et Raffinement

Недвижимость во Франции


Are you thinking of buying real estate in France? Are you dreaming of Côte d'Azur beaches, French baguettes and cheeses, the air smelling of lavender and Alps out there on the horizon? We can help you make your dreams come true!

We specialize in the individual selection of real estate to fit the needs of every client. With us you will be able to buy an apartment or a villaor, if you like, a plot of land, a little château or even a vineyard!

Our customers are primarily people who are already determined to buy property in France but find it inconvenient to proceed on their own. They either have no time, are deterred by the notorious French red tape or lack French language skills. We will provide assistance at all stages from selecting an apartment to formal keys delivery.

How to buy real estate in France?

It's not so easy to find an apartment or a house if you haven't made up your mind on the region. The point is that French real estate agencies are generally specialized in a specific locality or even a district thereof. So if you haven't decided yet as to which city you would like to buy a house in, French agencies will not be able to offer you a choice of houses all over Côte d'Azur or France and you will have to refer to several different agencies, which may even be true at a city level.

We can offer you a wide range of real estate options, including elite ones, in any corner of the country without limitation to just one region.

Furthermore, we speak Russian! All descriptions of property items, apartments and houses will be in the language you understand. One more point: it's commonly known that real estate prices for foreigners in France may be several times higher than those for the French. We are committed to secure a real price for our customers and you will not have to pay more just because you don't speak French. Besides, you will not have to also pay an overrated interest to a French agency, which also helps cut the costs. The difference in price as offered by an agency and by us will be obvious when it comes to buying an elite property in France.

We always take care of our customers: we will attend to you during property visit tours and help you handle all the documents, administrative issues and social subtleties. Having us at your service will make the process of purchasing or leasing a coveted house on Côte d'Azur, in a French village, an apartment in Strasbourg or any other large French city easy and clear. You may freely browse and select through our base and should you not find what you want, just leave an application or call us and we will find the house or the apartment of your dreams!

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